High performance engineering

As a high-performing business, your ability to provide vital products and services to the world relies on the highest standards of safety, reliability, sustainability and efficacy. In order to grow successfully, you must deliver to those standards consistently and often, at scale, across markets and geographies. 

At Leo Lynch, we understand these pressures and demands on your business. Not only that, but we have sought, over years of experience and work with some of the world’s leading blue-chip clients, to deliver the highest performing engineering solutions for your facilities. In short, we help ensure you can uphold your high standards by always upholding our own.

High performance business

We are a long-standing successful construction business with an ambitious vision. Our relationship with our investor Cathexis gives us a strong platform for growth. The combination of their investment and our long-standing expertise and track record means we are well-equipped to partner with our clients in new geographies and deliver consistent quality services at scale.

High performance systems

Our quality assurance systems are industry-leading, and we are committed to continuous innovation across all our systems and processes. By integrating new technologies, challenging long-held ways of working, and embracing change with curiosity, we blend the tried-and-tested with the cutting-edge to achieve continuous improvement and better outcomes for our clients.

High performance clients

We move with our clients by understanding and adapting to their needs. From the start of our projects, we are focused on enabling a seamless handover, a smooth path through certification, and a fully operational space on day one. Our case studies and our long-standing clients tell the same story - we help ensure they can hit the ground running in their new space.

High performance teams

Relationships – within our teams and with our clients – have long been the cornerstone of our ability to deliver quality outcomes. On every project, we set out to build trust and confidence by safely and reliably delivering good value solutions, and by being proactive, conscientious and caring team players.

High performance people

Finding the best people can be challenging, particularly those with the right combination of specialist skills, passion, personality, and pride in what they do. To make ourselves as appealing an employer as possible, we nurture a positive and supportive culture, develop and grow our people to pursue their interests and uphold a flat hierarchy with highly visible leadership.