At Leo Lynch, we believe that quality – in our systems, projects and client relationships – starts from within. To ensure we consistently deliver quality in all we do, we have developed a set of values that are actionable and ownable by every one of our people. We hold ourselves accountable to these behaviours every day.

1. Take care

We take care of each other, our clients and our teams, to ensure we keep each other safe and well. We are accepting and respectful of others’ differences. We make decisions that consider and protect our communities, environment, and future generations.

2. Take pride

We take pride in our work, our sites, our heritage, and our expertise. We pay attention to detail and uphold good workmanship. We are generous with our expertise and happy to share with others. When representing Leo Lynch, we uphold the purpose and values every day.

3. Take ownership

We take ownership over our work, and accept responsibility for our actions. We don’t shy away from conflict or ignore problems or issues. We speak up when we see something wrong, and we’re always honest and open with each other and our clients.

4. Take part

We take part in our teams and actively engage with the vision of Leo Lynch as a company. We are active, collaborative, productive, and vital contributors to our mission. We celebrate the achievements of others and seek to share in our collective success.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Policy

Leo Lynch recognises that our employees and clients come from diverse backgrounds with varying experiences and needs. We are committed to a workplace that promotes Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging practices to ensure everyone has a sense of belonging and feels valued.

Leo Lynch DEIB Policy

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