About us

Leo Lynch is one of Europe’s leading specialist mechanical and process engineering contractors. Founded in 1956 by our namesake, our original motto was “Always leave a quality, safe job.” Over the years, we have never wavered from that promise, even as our ambition has grown. Today, we strive to provide our high-performing, blue-chip clients with exceptional quality construction and innovative solutions that enable their success.

A legacy built on relationships

Our 60-year track record is attributable in large part to enduring client relationships – a benefit we never take for granted. We work hard to build strong partnerships with clients old and new by delivering safe, good-value and high-quality projects, and demonstrating commitment, flexibility and care every day. Internally, our roots as a family business still inform our culture, and we actively nurture cohesive teams, as well as visible and supportive leadership.

A robust platform for growth

In 2022, Cathexis Holdings LP, a US-based investment house, announced a majority investment in Leo Lynch. The combination of our experience and Cathexis’ financial backing and capabilities has enabled us to offer our specialist construction engineering services at scale. Today, we are well-resourced to support existing and new clients both domestically and internationally on projects of great size and complexity.

A female engineer on an outdoor site, looking at a project plan. She is wearing Leo Lynch-branded 5 point PPE.
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