Quality, technology


Our ambition is to uphold our long-standing legacy of right-first-time quality delivery, while also continuing to find new ways to deliver better, faster and with greater value for money for our clients. We strive to be a leading innovator of mechanical and process engineering, not only to improve delivery outcomes for our projects, but also to make positive contributions to the lives of our people, our industry and our communities.

Our Innovation Strategy holds us accountable to continuous investment and advancements in our six key areas of focus:

From the moment we start on a project, we are focused on driving efficiency into the project life cycle for our client. To that end, we lead the industry in advocating early contractor engagement which ensures a smoother project start and rollout. We embrace techniques and digital tools that enable us to reduce our carbon footprint and provide a more cost-effective, fast-track project delivery to clients. These techniques include rigorous use of BIM across all of our projects, the integration of 'lean' practices and our ever-expanding use of off-site and modular construction.

For decades, Leo Lynch has led the industry in quality delivery – and it’s a position we intend to keep. We embrace a “quality from within” mindset, which means we don’t expect quality to come from our workmanship alone. Instead, we weave it into our top-tier leadership, strategy, culture, relationships, processes and systems, ensuring that everything we do is channelled toward ensuring right-first-time delivery. We embrace preventative maintenance and invite internal and external audits and we back up our approach with full implementation of our ISO 9001:2015 approved Quality Management System (QMS).

We recognise our clients’ desire to replicate operations, build on existing partnerships, and expand into new geographies. For this reason, we have increased our capacity to move with them into new territories, both in terms of investment and through our adept use of modular construction. We have continuously improved in this area by taking advantage of the controlled environment, including adjusting processes for efficiency and experimenting with factors like increasing the temperature of pipework to yield faster results.


Our core value of “Take care” underpins our drive to continuously improve our sustainability credentials. Reducing our operational carbon footprint is a vital part of this effort, as are the small but crucial actions we take every day, such as limiting plastic and building responsibility and awareness across our teams. On our projects, we are working to better evaluate embodied and whole lifecycle carbon use through our Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) membership, while also making ongoing improvements with sustainable materials and waste reduction.

Customer Experience

For decades, Leo Lynch has led the industry in exceptionally high percentage of repeat clients, referral and long-term core customers, many of whom have been working in partnership with us for decades. We attribute this success to our consistent delivery of high-quality, efficient and high-performance outcomes – all areas of ongoing innovation for us. As customer and market needs change, we track our customer experience ratings and focus on driving up performance on the metrics that enhance our service at every stage of the journey. We also work to create an easily identifiable and stand-out identity that is consistent, meaningful and trusted by our clients.

Employee Experience

An ongoing challenge facing our industry is a shortage of skilled people. We strive to innovate across the full resourcing pipeline. We work closely with the industry to find new ways to attract young people to the profession, and we offer rewarding graduate schemes and apprenticeships. At the same time, we are wholly focused on investing in our employees through continuous learning and development, and providing leadership and a culture that attracts and retains the best.

How we deliver innovation:

Ongoing client collaboration 

The trusted partnerships we form with our clients generate numerous ideas for new and better ways to deliver. We co-design solutions and find opportunities through formal meetings, project wrap-ups, and informal catch-up sessions. We deepen our understanding of their challenges and long-term goals so that we can innovate in response.

A culture of ideas

We are focused on building a culture that nurtures and elevates good ideas. Our largely flat structure and open lines of communication between people and leadership and across departments create an environment in which people are future-focused, willing to suggest improvements, and aren’t afraid to fail.

Industry collaboration

We seek to play a leadership role in our industry through events, thought leadership and committee participation, including Lean Construction Ireland. We see ourselves as instrumental in aligning the challenges of the industry, such as skills shortages, with the needs of our blue-chip global clients and making the intersection the focus of our innovation.

Research & development

We are taking a proactive approach in research and development. We review our R&D budgets annually, and divide our spend into long-term improvement over time, as well as flexible funding in response to rapid industry change.