Pfizer Eliquis

Life sciences
Kildare, Ireland

To ramp up production of a critical drug, Leo Lynch delivered a complete fit-out of a decommissioned area into new manufacturing suites. 

  • Main Contractor
  • Design
  • Leo Lynch

Project details

Process and HVAC precision, enabling Pfizer to produce nine billion tablets annually through its new production facility.

Delivered in distinct phases, the project involved the complete fit-out of the de-commissioned HT & LEVO areas of the site. The decommissioned areas were transformed into manufacturing suites comprising a cleanroom on the ground floor and two plantrooms above to house the project utilities. The production output of the new facility is 9 billion+ tablets annually.  

To achieve this volume, the facility required 4x twin tablet presses, 8x dust collectors, 4x compactors & tablet coaters, 2x blending machines, 4x post hoists (<8m) and 5x post hoists (9m). Leo Lynch was responsible for the offloading and installation of all large process and HVAC equipment on the project and running the utilities / process services to the equipment. The area was served by two AHUs: one to serve the plantrooms and the other to distribute air to the cleanroom. AHUs and all ductwork were installed and commissioned by Leo Lynch. 

List of services delivered:

  • Process
  • Mechanical
  • HVAC
  • Lift & Shift
  • Off site manufacturing

List of utilities delivered:

  • Compressed air 
  • Clean air
  • Steam & Condensate 
  • Process water 
  • LPHW 
  • Chilled water 
  • Process vents & drains 
  • Safety showers 
  • Purified water 
  • HVAC systems 

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