Astellas Ireland

Life sciences
Dublin, Ireland

Leo Lynch is the key mechanical contractor at Astellas Dublin, responsible for all small-to-medium mechanical installation projects on campus and managed by PM Group.

  • PM Group
  • DPS
  • Malone Group
  • Leo Lynch
Circa €3m p.a

Project details

Go-to mechanical and process engineering partner for PM Group at Astellas Dublin. 

Leo Lynch has completed several HAZOP utility improvement projects including replacement of waste transfer lines, Ethanol, DMF, Toluene Flow meter Upgrade, P3 NaOH Replacement and N2 Purge system upgrade.

Our team is currently engaged with PM Group and Astellas on a number of further HAZOP utility improvement projects including P2 HCl Line Replacement, P3 HCl addition project, Centrifuge improvement, Discharge Valve replacement, Tank Farm Outlet Automation, Tank Farm N2 Instrumentation and P3 Vacuum Pump replacement.

The following projects are also in progress and due for completion in early 2024 - P2 Scrubber Replacement, P3 Glass Lined Vessel replacement, P3 Dryer removal, Air compressor replacement Vessel Bottom Outlet valves replacement, P3 Solvent filter replacement, P2 and P3 HVAC Upgrade, Brine Tank replacement.

List of services delivered:

  • Process
  • Mechanical
  • Lift & Shift
  • Off site manufacturing
  • Modular & bespoke

List of utilities delivered:


  • Replacement of Waste transfer lines
  • Ethanol, DMF, Toluene Flow meter Upgrade
  • P3 NaOH Replacement
  • N2 Purge system upgrade

In progress:

  • P2 HCl Line Replacement
  • P3 HCl addition project
  • Centrifuge improvement
  • Discharge Valve replacement
  • Tank Farm Outlet Automation
  • Tank Farm N2 Instrumentation.
  • P3 Vacuum Pump replacement

To be completed:

  • P2 Scrubber Replacement
  • P3 Glass Lined Vessel replacement
  • P3 Dryer removal
  • Air compressor replacement
  • Vessel Bottom Outlet valves replacement
  • P3 Solvent filter replacement
  • P2 and P3 HVAC Upgrade:
  • Brine Tank replacement

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