Quality from within 

How a High-Performance Culture helps to deliver on the promise of quality

All process and building services engineers talk about quality–how they create it, measure it, and assure it. In fact, it’s so pervasive now in the industry (and rightfully so), it has become a hygiene factor in the delivery of construction solutions. This is particularly true in highly technical sectors where right-first-time delivery and compliance are paramount. 

With so much noise around quality, how can a high-performance business choose a partner they’re confident will deliver? One strategy for doing so is to look closer at the provider. What are the mechanisms that sit behind their quality assurance? 

Over years of work in highly regulated sectors with blue-chip clients, we at Leo Lynch have developed an approach to quality that maximises our success. Not only do we have industry-leading processes and systems in place, but we also take a more holistic approach that aligns our people, values, beliefs and behaviours behind quality every day. 

We call it “quality from within” and we deliver it through a High-Performance Culture. Here’s how we build it:

Clear goals and objectives

It sounds simple, but clear goals are essential to delivering quality outcomes and experiences for our clients and employees. We strive to communicate clearly and consistently where we are–as a team, a project and a company–where we’re going, and how we intend to get there, to drive team purpose and morale. 

Most importantly, we are clear about the roles, responsibilities and the benefits to individuals of participation. Finally, every day we uphold our core value of “Take Part,” encouraging and rewarding active buy-in and participation by every one of our people. 

Continuous improvement

Recently, we launched our innovation strategy, which aims to set goals and measure progress across six key areas of focus, including quality. 

In order to find new ways to deliver quality better, faster and with greater value for money for our clients, we are focused on building a culture that nurtures and elevates good ideas. Our largely flat structure and open lines of communication create an environment in which people are future-focused, willing to suggest improvements, and aren’t afraid to fail.

Empowered and quality-focused employees

We operate from the principle that when our people see Leo Lynch’s commitment to a quality work experience, they are more likely to extend that quality to our clients. 

To that end, we channel our energies into recruiting and retaining people who take real pride in what they do, by providing quality-focused apprenticeships, graduate schemes, and leadership programmes. We offer bespoke training and development programs to our people to help them pursue their passions and find their meaning. We ensure our offices and sites are well taken care of, and our people know their wellbeing is in mind. 

Effective leadership

Quality from within starts with our leadership. By modelling and upholding an attention to detail, a determination to get things right, and a commitment to delivering on promises, our leaders communicate to our people the value we place on quality in everything. We provide a leadership program to support leaders in developing skills in line with our desired culture. 

Performance feedback and rewards

While quality has a clear definition on our projects, it is more subjective when applied in our culture and relationships. For this reason, we uphold our core values as a framework for delivering quality. They hold us all accountable to a set of behaviours that we believe lead to a High-Performance Culture, and consequently high-performance partnerships and outcomes for our clients. Our performance reviews and awards programs align with those core values. 

Wellbeing and inclusion 

Fundamentally, our people must feel comfortable and safe–both physically and psychologically–at work. They must believe that showing up means bringing their true selves, and that difference is both recognised and celebrated. Our approaches to health, safety and wellness, and diversity and inclusion are of the utmost importance to us, and we strive to add rigour and continuously improve them over time.

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