How we create High-Performance Partnerships at Leo Lynch

How we create High-Performance Partnerships at Leo Lynch

Today’s demands, regulations and other pressures on fast-growing industries are simply too great for business as usual. Sectors like life science, data centres, and advanced technologies require speed, efficiency and agility on an unprecedented scale in order to stay competitive and maintain quality of service and product. 

As critical partners to these companies, process and mechanical engineers must go beyond delivering to exceptionally high standards of quality and safety. They must also engage in high-performance partnerships on site in order to respond, adapt and innovate to the extent necessary to keep pace. 

Leo Lynch is built on High-Performance Partnerships with our blue-chip clients. We have maintained those relationships over decades, and lead the industry in repeat business. Again and again, we have seen firsthand how our long-standing partnerships have not only improved the work experiences of our people and our clients’ people, they have also had a substantial positive impact on project outcomes. 

What does a High-Performance Partnership look like? Here’s how we define it at Leo Lynch: 

Open communication

For decades, we have maintained a relatively flat hierarchy as a point of pride. We’ve done this not because it’s always been easiest, but rather, because it has ensured our people feel confident and comfortable to share their thoughts, ideas and concerns in a transparent and honest way. 

Today, we continue to favour and prioritise open communication. One of our core values, reinforced through our leadership and culture, is Take Ownership, which encourages our people to speak up, be openly accountable, and not shy away from tough conversations.

Early alignment 

Over years of work across a wide variety of environments, we’ve learned the value of early alignment with our clients and with other contractors. We strive to keep in touch with our clients, both formally and informally, and offer numerous opportunities for ongoing conversations. 

Quite simply, by knowing more, we can be better prepared to support. By engaging early, we can solve and mitigate issues and create efficiencies. 

Specialist expertise and excellence 

Our business is focused on several core sectors and services for a reason: We are more interested in being experts than generalists. We find that by specialising, we can deepen and focus the professional and technical development of our people. Also, we can cultivate a passion for particular sectors that means our clients trust us to care as much as they do. 

Collaborative problem-solving 

Our core value of “Take Part” is rooted in the idea that we believe in the power of a team to create solutions. We reward and celebrate the people in our company who are active contributors to collective success with each other and our clients. Additionally, we strive to create a High-Performance Culture, fuelled by our innovation strategy, to encourage great ideas and generous knowledge share. 

Client-focused flexibility

The cornerstone of High-Performance Partnerships is flexibility. We provide a service bespoke to our clients, and we build a strong foundation of trust and understanding so that we can respond quickly and efficiently to change. We understand the many pressures on our clients today, so we equip ourselves with what we need to be as responsive as possible. 

Complete reliability 

Our business is built on strong partnerships, and strong partnerships are built on trust. For this reason, we put all of our energy into demonstrating every day that we will do what we say we’ll do, and we’ll do it with integrity and pride. Our clients hand over their challenges and effectively say to us: “Just get on with it.” To us, this belief and confidence in us is the highest form of validation. 

Timeliness and responsiveness 

Speed is at the top of all our clients’ agendas. To this end, we aim to be part of the solution, not the problem. We value and respect the valuable resource of personal and professional time, and seek to use it as effectively as possible. Our clients’ communications to us are treated as a matter of urgency, and we strive to be there in whatever capacity we’re needed, whether it’s to answer questions or provide advice. 


While we don’t expect to form enduring relationships with all of our clients, it is our genuine intention to do so. Our core behaviour of “Take Care” is about not just investing in the now, but rather about investing in the long-term success of the people, facilities and businesses we serve. We have worked with clients over decades, and the further we get into those relationships, the more we develop the understanding and commitment that leads to better outcomes.

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