Health, safety


Our safety record at Leo Lynch is second to none. Governed by an unwavering focus on our “Zero Quest - Zero Harm & Zero Defects” ambition, our approach to health, safety and wellbeing is implemented through our Health and Safety Management System (SMS). We are frequently recognised in the industry for our exceptional track record, including Safe-T-Crt Grade “A” achievers and “exceptional high achievers” and “higher distinction” at the NISO Awards.

Safety management

Our comprehensive, Safe-T-Cert-accredited Safety Management System (SMS) includes our health and safety policy and statement, and our project-specific health and safety plan. The policy and statement are under continuous review to ensure they are up-to-date with respect to legislation, practices and lessons learned.

We also operate a Behavioural-Based Safety (BBS) programme on all of our project sites to embed a culture of safety. In addition, we operate a Safe Behaviour Observation (SBO) programme, designed to encourage peer-to-peer intervention by craftspeople.

Safety training

All of our training is behaviour-based to encourage enduring behavioural change. We provide a minimum safety training for all site personnel, which includes Safe Pass, manual handling, working at heights, abrasive wheels, site-specific inductions, and SPA writing training. Our project managers, engineers, and supervisors are trained to CIF / IOSH MSIC. In addition, we provide ongoing training in areas such as fire safety, equipment use, confined space and first aid.

A male engineer inspecting machinery. He is wearing Leo Lynch-branded 5 point PPE, including 'Safely + Carefully' written on the back of his jacket

Health and wellness

Mental health in the construction industry is a growing area of focus, and one that we take very seriously at Leo Lynch. Our goal is to foster an environment in which our teams can reach their full potential. Central to that ambition is a physically and mentally thriving workforce.

To this end, we engage with a number of physical wellness events throughout the calendar year, such as cycling and running events, while fundraising for key charities. We offer ongoing training to our people and site operatives on strategies for maintaining positive mental health, including coping with stress, and integrating nutrition and exercise. 

We aim to create a supportive culture and teams with opportunities for open communication. In particular, we offer channels through our Mental Health First Aid program, as well as our  partnership with the Lighthouse Charity where our people can seek help and support when they need it.

A smiling, male engineer at an indoor site. He is wearing Leo Lynch-branded 5 point PPE.